Myers’ Cocktail: Does It Really Work?

A popular formula among other IV Therapies, Myers Cocktail stands as a potent mix of minerals and vitamins in enhancing overall wellness. Beneficial among individuals who need hydration and energy boost, this formula proves to be effective and designed for specific needs. Let’s examine the components of Myer’s cocktail, how it works, and the advantages…


A popular formula among other IV Therapies, Myers Cocktail stands as a potent mix of minerals and vitamins in enhancing overall wellness. Beneficial among individuals who need hydration and energy boost, this formula proves to be effective and designed for specific needs. Let’s examine the components of Myer’s cocktail, how it works, and the advantages it can offer you.

What is a Myers Cocktail?

First created by Dr. John Myers, the original IV formula consists of substances such as magnesium, calcium, different forms of B vitamins (including B12), and vitamin C. It is delivered through an IV, which allows for direct absorption into the bloodstream and allegedly enhances absorption rates. Supporters argue that this approach effectively targets the cells that require nutrients the most.

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Key ingredients of our Myer’s Cocktail includes:

  • Sodium Chloride  or Lactated Ringers
  • B-Complex
  • Vitamin B12
  • Vitamin C
  • Glutathione
  • Zinc
  • Magnesium

Benefits of this blend includes:

  • Sodium Chloride or Lactated Ringers: These fluids help hydrate the body and serve as the delivery system for the vitamins and minerals, ensuring optimal absorption and effectiveness.
  • B-Complex: Aids in energy production, supports healthy skin and muscle tone, and enhances immune and nervous system function.
  • Vitamin B12: Crucial for nerve health and the production of DNA and red blood cells, B12 also boosts energy and improves mood.
  • Vitamin C: A powerful antioxidant that strengthens the immune system, supports skin health through collagen production, and fights free radicals.
  • Glutathione: Known as the master antioxidant, glutathione supports detoxification, promotes a healthy immune response, and protects cells from damage.
  • Zinc: Essential for immune function, wound healing, DNA synthesis, and cell division. It also supports normal growth and development.
  • Magnesium: Plays a key role in over 300 enzymatic reactions, including energy creation, muscle movement, and nervous system regulation.

Evidence for Effectiveness

Research Findings

Specific studies have shown that the Myers Cocktail can be effective in reducing the frequency and intensity of migraines and in boosting energy in patients with chronic fatigue syndrome. For example, a pilot study published in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine found that participants reported significant relief from fibromyalgia symptoms after receiving regular treatments.

Mechanisms of Action

The effectiveness of Myers Cocktail may stem from its ability to correct nutrient deficiencies that are common in certain conditions, or from its pharmacological effects. For instance, magnesium, a key component, is known for its ability to relax muscles and reduce headaches, while high doses of vitamin C could bolster the immune system.

Who can benefit from a Myers’ Cocktail? 

A formula that delivers nutrients, antioxidants and improves strong immune defense, Myer’s Cocktail is not limited to a specific group of people. Although research suggests that the Myers’ cocktail is especially beneficial for:

1. Those who experience low energy levels.

2. Individuals who engage in regular athletic activities.

3. People struggling with chronic fatigue.

4. Those in need of intravenous hydration.

5. Individuals seeking relief from hangover symptoms or substance withdrawal.

6. People facing challenges related to depression or anxiety.

If you’re one of the individuals whose daily activity is associated with the above mentioned, then our Myer’s Cocktail is highly suitable for your needs! Have a midweek stimulant and enjoy the benefits of our cocktail mix directly serve at the comfort of your place.

Duration of Myers Cocktail

The effects of a Myers Cocktail IV can last differently for each individual. Usually, you might feel more energetic and hydrated for a few days to about 1 week. However, if you have specific health conditions or lack certain nutrients, you could feel these benefits for a longer time, possibly up to a month. This varies based on factors like your metabolism, lifestyle, and nutritional needs.

How often should I get a Myers IV?

The frequency of receiving a Myers Cocktail IV depends on individual health needs and goals. Generally, it can be administered as often as needed. Some people may choose to receive the infusion monthly, while others might benefit from weekly sessions, especially those dealing with chronic conditions or seeking ongoing prevention benefits.

Method of administering Myers’ Cocktail Therapy

It is recommended to have it done professionally, especially for the first time. A more convenient way to do it is through our mobile therapy service. Book your session at The IV Society today! 

The infusion typically lasts between 40-60 minutes. Unlike vitamins absorbed through food, which can be limited to 50% due to digestion, this therapy provides a higher concentration of vitamins directly to your body, enhancing your immunity.


Although the Myers Cocktail has a dedicated following and offers various health advantages, those considering this treatment should proceed with careful consideration. Getting advice tailored to your medical history and current health status from healthcare experts is crucial. Contact us for consultation and start your wellness journey today!


  1. How quickly can one see results from Myers Cocktail therapy?

Some patients report feeling more energetic and alert immediately after the therapy, while others may observe improvements over several sessions, particularly for chronic conditions.

  1. What are the potential adverse effects of Myers’ Cocktail?

In general, most patients tolerate Myers’ Cocktail well. Potential minor side effects could consist of unease at the injection location, a feeling of coolness while receiving the infusion, or an uncommon allergic response to any of the components.

  1. How much does each session cost?

We offer the top-notch Mobile IV Concierge Service in Texas and its surrounding areas! Our IV therapy treatment for Myer’s Cocktail cost $175.



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