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Experience the ultimate convenience in wellness with our Mobile IV Therapy services, delivered right to your doorstep in the Greater Houston area. Owned and operated by local veterans and first responders, we bring personalized IV therapy treatments to you, ensuring health and rejuvenation is just a call away.


Booking Your Session

Start your journey to revitalization by easily booking your IV therapy session online or over the phone. Simply select your preferred date and time, and we’ll reserve your spot for a personalized wellness experience.


Choose Your Drip and Mix-Ins

Tailor your therapy to meet your unique health needs. Browse our selection of nutrient-rich IV drips and add-on mix-ins. Whether you’re seeking hydration, energy boost, or immune support, we have the perfect blend for you.


We Come to You

Relax in the comfort of your own home or office as our professional team travels to your location. Our experienced staff, comprising of registered nurses and paramedics, ensures a safe and comfortable experience, bringing top-notch IV therapy to your doorstep.


Feel Better, Faster

Experience the immediate benefits of IV therapy. From enhanced energy levels to improved overall well-being, our treatments are designed to help you feel rejuvenated and revitalized quickly and effectively. With The IV Society, better health is just an appointment away.

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Each of our IV therapies is expertly crafted to target specific health goals. From boosting your immune system to alleviating migraines, our treatments are tailored to provide you with the best in health and rejuvenation. Discover the perfect IV therapy for you.

Discover the Impact of Our Mobile IV Therapy Through Our Clients’ Experiences

From revitalized energy to rapid recovery, read how our personalized IV treatments have made a significant difference in the lives of our clients.

Jessica H.

Today I had the most amazing red carpet treatment from Lisa with @theivsocietytexas She was so sweet and personable. It was painless and so convenient. Y’all I have been sick for so long and this is truly the first thing that has made me feel better! If you are sick reach out to them and get an appointment. I absolutely recommend the IV Society and Lisa Salazar!


Leslie B.

As a home inspector, I work in the Texas heat a lot on roofs and in attics so I decided to try an IV treatment with Hope Taylor to help with dehydration, and I’m SO glad I did! It made a huge difference in my energy level. I got my IV treatment on Tuesday and by Friday I had more energy than I normally do after a full week of working in the heat. Hope was amazing too! She went above and beyond to make the whole process really easy and comfortable. I highly recommend reaching out and using Hope Taylor with Ivy Society for IV treatments!

Aida G.

Had a bad case of food poisoning and Charelle came to my rescue ! She is very efficient on her IV skills and gave me the best cocktail for all my symptoms! I definitely recommend Charelle and the IV Society!! Also they accept FSA and it makes a peace of mind for those random times a sickness catches you off guard.

Erica S.

I had a fabulous experience with Mikayla today! She came to my salon suite and did a Myers cocktail for my client and I during a hair service. Not only were we impressed with the ability to book a same-day appointment, but Mikayla was professional, friendly, and super quick! I cannot recommend IV society enough, I feel amazing and refreshed.

Alexis R.

Love this service! It’s our third time using them for illnesses. Tonight they had Nurse Jamie come out to give me an IV for tummy issues and feeling dehydrated. She was the best. Super sweet and caring. Great provider!

Heather R.

Cannot say enough great things about this company! I had Covid a few weeks ago. I felt terrible. I called them on a Wednesday morning and they were at my house within an hour. The nurse was so compassionate and professional. I had some immediate relief and felt 100 times better the next day. Highly recommend them!

Halie S.

I used them for the first time today after I finished a hard 5 day cycle of chemo and boy it was WELL WORTH IT. I contacted them at 5:45 PM and someone came out by 7:30! I had Neville come out and she was very kind with me and my daughter. I Didn’t feel a single thing! Her hands are magic! Thank you Neville. ❤️❤️ I will definitely use her each month after a chemo cycle.

Amber M.

Feeling sick or just need a boost? Give The IV Society a call! Chris just came to my house and mixed a great cocktail IV for me and I’m already feeling so much better! You won’t be disappointed.